Joint Translational Science and Technology Research Institute (JTI),  a joint institute of East China Normal University and Haifa University, was established in 2016. On March 29th, 2016, witnessed by Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong and then Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett,  a contract to establish the institute was officially signed by Chen Qun, then president of East China Normal University, and David Faraggi, then president of Haifa University. JTI planned to make full use of the high-quality resources of the two universities and absorb Israel's advanced experience in the field of transformation science and technology and become the institute for amalgamation of industry, education and research.

In terms of education, in 2017, the institute took the lead in conducting joint postgraduate education in three fields: Medicine Science, Ecological environment and Neurology, and recruited a total of 6 joint doctoral students. Besides, in 2018, one joint doctoral student was recruited in the field of statistics. In terms of the introduction of professors, Dr. David Faraggi, former president of Haifa University, joined the program in September 2017 and became a full-time professor of JTI. On January 15th, 2019, Dr. David was received by Wu Qing, Vice Mayor of Shanghai , and advanced his suggestions for the construction of China-Israel Innovation hub. Additionally, in terms of scientific research, since the establishment of JTI, 4 national level Chinese-Israeli joint scientific research projects were authorized, including a national key R&D project of Ministry of Science and Technology of China and 3 International (regional) cooperation and exchange projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

According to the decision of the President’s Office meeting of East China Normal University on April 13th, 2020, the university will link the Joint Technological Institute with Shanghai International School of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Asia Europe Business School, so as to develop the technology transformation and business education system which is compatible with both Israel and France, take advantage of Open Education, and jointly build the China-Israel-France S&T and Business Innovation Education Alliance.  Based on ECNU’s advantages in the field of technology, including Over-limited Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology, CTO carries out its high-end degree projects, executive training projects and discipline construction for the three major industries of Artificial Intelligence, Integrated Circuit and Biomedicine, and several other strategic emerging industries. It established a world-class chief officer educational and training system, and created a international well-known alliance for S&T transformation and community level communication platform with functions such as talent cultivation, technological research,  transformation of S&T achievements, entrepreneurship service and government decision-making consultation.

In line with the needs of CTO project construction of the University, JTI has carried out cooperative negotiation with many institutions including Haifa University of Israel, Shanghai Development Zone Association, Zizhu International Education Park, Alumni Association of East China Normal University, asset management companies, National University Science and Technology Park, etc. And solidly launched the initial construction according to the overall plan addressed by Construction and Development Plan of Shanghai International School of Chief Technology Officer of East China Normal University.